• Participants are allowed at most three submissions per day. After the C4AV challenge, you can make unlimited submissions though.
  • Participants can use the additional sensor modalities provided by nuScenes (see description).
  • Winners of the challenge are expected to submit a 4-14 page paper (ECCV format) to the workshop that details their solution. The paper can be submitted through our openreview page after the challenge ends. Winning teams that fail to submit an explanatory paper in time for the workshop event won't be eligible for the challenge prizes.
  • Winners will be asked to submit their code after the challenge ends. The code will be kept private, and will only serve to check the validity of the results. Failing to submit the code will result in the disqualification of your results. The next best score will then take your place on the leaderboard.
  • Winners will be invited to present their solution as a poster or contributed talk during the C4AV workshop at ECCV20'. (virtually)
  • In case of conflicts, the decision of the Organizers will be final and binding.
  • Annotating the test set for extra data is not allowed. Any team submitting predictions of a model that was trained on test set data will be disqualified.
  • Using any freely available data for extra training data is permitted.