ImageCLEF is an evaluation campaign that is being organized as part of the CLEF initiative labs. The campaign offers several research tasks that welcome participation from teams around the world. Target communities of the tasks involve (but are not limited to): information retrieval (text, vision, audio, multimedia, social media, sensor data), machine learning (including deep learning), data mining, natural language processing, image/video processing, remote sensing, with special attention to the challenges of multi-modality, multi-linguality, and interactive search.

1 Authorship/Co-Authorship

ImageCLEF 2018 Caption - Caption prediction

Composing coherent captions for the entirety of an image

ImageCLEF 2018 Caption - Concept Detection

Identifying relevant concepts in a large corpus of medical images

ImageCLEF 2018 Tuberculosis - MDR detection

Tuberculosis multi-drug-resistance detection based on CT image analysis

ImageCLEF 2019 Caption - Concept Detection

Detecting relevant concepts in a corpus of radiology images